Tot Shabbat Service 3/20/20 with Rabbi Amy Bernstein

Join Rabbi Amy and Cantorial Soloist, Daniel Leanse, for a Tot Shabbat service!

Shabbat Blessings with Rabbi Daniel and Levi

Do the blessings with us on shabbat!

Shabbat Blessings with Cantor Frenkel

Sing the shabbat blessings with Cantor Frenkel

Shabbat Songs with Cantor Frenkel

Sing along and don’t forget to get your Bim Bam hands ready for this one!

Shabbat Story with Rabbi Carrie

Rabbi Carrie tells a story for shabbat.

Sing with Rabbi Reuben

I want you to meet my family
In Hebrew we call it mishpacha, mishpacha!
We all live in a bait (house), a bayit!
Me, my ma and pa.

There’s my father thats, abba Say abba – abba
My mother thats Ima
Say Ima – Ima and these are the members of my family
My family, that’s my family My family, that’s my family

Brother – Ach
Sister – Achot
Grandpa – Saba
Grandma – Savta
Dog – Kelev
Cat – Chatool