Art with Christine

Create multimedia shape art with Christine.

Shape Song with Farzaneh

Sing about shapes with Farzaneh.

Leaves with Nicole

Explore different kinds of leaves with Nicole.

Leftover Matzah with Sarah

What might you do with leftover matzah? Ask Sarah!

Shabbat Songs with Daniel Leanse

Sing shabbat songs with Cantorial Soloist Daniel Leanse.

Five Little Flowers with Lauren

Use your fingers to sing along with Lauren.

Shape Math with Jandira

Jandira shows us how to do basic addition and subtraction with shapes.

Shapes outside with Maria

Maria finds shapes in her yard.

Letter Freeze Dance with Sussan

Sussan shows us how to explore letters through freeze dance.

Flower Painting with Sara

Find flowers on your walk today? Sara shows us how to use them to paint.

Letters Outside with Debbie

Debbie shows us how we can explore letters outdoors.

Classroom Favorites with Daniel Leanse

Cantorial Soloist Daniel Leanse sings some of our classroom favorites for you to sing along to at home.

Bump Up and Down Song with Lauren

Sing along with Lauren for a fun transportation song.

Evening Prayers with Daniel Leanse

Evening prayers and soothing songs with Cantorial Soloist Daniel Leanse.